Less Stress For Kids

A Mind-Body Program to Help Kids of All Ages Relax and Let Go

Today, kids are under tremendous stress in every aspect of their lives, in school, after school, in their social world, and in their families. Less Stress for Kids, shows kids how to help themselves let go of their stress in the most effective way, from the inside out. Children learn to go inside, breathe, relax, and take themselves through a simple 3-step inner process that Dr. Alman calls Going to the Movies.

"Less Stress for Kids is the best book I've read that integrates skill-building with practical steps for self-confidence, self-respect & success-mindedness. I highly recommend this to teachers, parents, staff & students. I'm an advocate for optimizing mind-body skills; this book needs to be part of the curriculum in all schools."

— Eugene Ruffin, CEO EdFutures
Less Stress For Kids Stress Doctor Brian Alman

Look and Feel Your Very Best Outside and Inside Body and Mind

A Mind-Body Program to Help Kids of All Ages Relax and Let Go

"I love Dr. Brian's advice in the book about a happy meeting of a healthy, attractive outer appearance and a healthy, positive inner self and how its all connected.

You can be as beautiful as you choose to be, loving the skin you are in. We need more positive books about beauty like this one!!"
— Cynthia H, Amazon 5-Star Review
Dr. Brian Alman California Total Beauty

Listen Inside...Your Truth Will Set You Free

Your Inner Voice

"This book is so amazing and powerful! It is definitely the most positive and uplifting book out there. If you're down and looking for some healing and motivation, this book is for you! Love it!! I am looking into Dr. Brian's other books ASAP!"

— Dan M., Amazon 5-Star Review
Dr. Brian Alman Your Inner Voice Book

Mind Body Weight Loss

An Inner Power Program That Will Transform Your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

"I'm so thankful that my employer gave me access to this program. I have lost over 50 lbs through the combination of inner & outer work Dr. Alman teaches about.

I can't thank you enough for the marvelous work that you do and the content you've provided me!"
— Anonymous Employee, Fortune 500 Company
Dr. Brian Alman Mind Body Weightloss


The Complete Manual For Health and Self-Change

"My family and I are using this book to guide us in further developing meditation, stress reduction, and improve our outlook on life. During COVID, this book and the programs in it have been helpful for us. We don't practice as consistently as we should, but I am seeing improvement in my family and they are seeing improvement in me.

What I especially like, is that there doesn't seem to be any hidden agenda, no pushing for additional products or services, and the information is complete and in-depth enough that we are able to create our own self-hypnosis programs."

— M.Ellington, Amazon 5-Star Review
Dr. Brian Alman Self-Hypnosis