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Got stress? you are not alone we can help
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Got Stress?

You're Not Alone

We Can Help

Stress can be a killer, both physically and emotionally.

Let TruSage help you!

TruSage™ Businesses

TruSage provides businesses an opportunity to incorporate a mental and emotional feature into their wellness programs. Many companies understand the importance of wellness programming.

TruSage™ Individuals

TruSage is the premiere mental fitness program in the world. Developed and tested over 15 years, with tens of thousands of patients, the TruSage platform has proven to be an effective tool.

TruSage™ Partnerships

TruSage is pleased to enter into strategic, interactive partnerships that enhance the reach of our services by providing our partners with additional resources and incentives for their corporate clientele.

DrAlman Stress can be described as a feeling of sudden, overwhelming strain or pressure, while anxiety is the persistent fee…http://t.co/BtANX1RqRl
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I received the CD’s. Story on beauty sleep: Last night my daughter, my wife and I were having a hard time falling asleep. My 3 ½ year old daughter sleeps with us most times. She just broke her arm two days ago on her bike and she acts funny (like last night) at times (she probably wants to make sure she can still be a happy kid regardless of her broken arm). I took the CD out for the first time and played it…. My daughter said something silly as she heard Dr. Alman, I told her these were stories, she fell asleep within 1 or 2 minutes… a few seconds later my wife fell asleep… I remember counting up to 100, then down to around 56 when I probably entered sleep. I’m not sure when the CD ended; I had fallen asleep, got up in the sleepy silence to turn the air filter back on, and continued sleeping. I was sleeping when only a few moments before I was rushing with thoughts.

Nathan Golding, Director ♦ www.helios-sport.com

Trusage, International

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